By living in balance with nature and its resources, the environment and climate, we can live more sustainable and harmonious lives of higher quality.




We take our responsibility for the environment. Wood is one of our planet’s renewable resources. Norrprefab uses natural materials in our production that are environmentally friendly for nature and humans.

Experience and knowledge

We have created good relationships with most companies and professional groups in, heating systems, kitchens, wet areas and other important areas, as well as with companies that provide guarantees and outstanding service with sustainability and the environment in focus.



Our professional and skilled team implements outstanding projects.


We want to help others live in harmony with the environment as well, causing the least possible damage to it.


We create not only buildings but also feelings and an environment where to feel at home – in harmony with ourselves, nature, present and future.


We purchase quality timber and use safe and up-to-date technologies to create a quality product.


We always try to offer our customers the best, most sustainable and tailor-made solutions for their individual situation and needs.

Our 5 working principles

We manufacture energy-efficient, environmentally friendly timber frame houses in high quality.

Not only do we ensure excellent quality of our product, but also our Swedish cooperation partners hold the highest quality and comfort standards in your newly-built home designed by none other than yourself.

Let an architect draw your dream house!

Let us build it!